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This week I am featuring US based Artist, who has a passion of expression through illustrations and designs.

Addie refers to herself as a modern inspirational artist, after studying creative advertising at Virginia Commonwealth university and 4 years networking , selling and designing incredible pieces, she then went on to launch her blog where she shares the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur, artrepreneur and balancing everyday life. As well as where she sees her creative outlet in the near and far future.

I’ve been an artist since I was a young girl. I started drawing and painting in elementary school. I found my passion for letting my art be a voice for the black community until college. I remember going to galleries and seeing painting or illustrations jump out of me and the only thing I couldn’t relate to was that the person was not of colour. All my work is a reflection of myself, either something I actually went through, seen or believe in. When people meet me or know me on a personal level they also see the connection to my reality with my artwork.addie featured pic

I’m inspired by myself in a way, telling my story and letting people into my life through my art. My degree is definitely the foundation of being an artrepreneur. In school I learned a lot about what is visually appealing, how to transfer a message through imagery and how it can be repurposed for other things. If it wasn’t for my studies at Virginia Commonwealth University I don’t think I would have the knowledge, strength and vision to be more than just a visual artist. I do have plans to one day have a physical location for Art & Ambition.addie5

Art & Ambition is my creative agency. My vision is to have Art & Ambition as a multiple use location including art studios, classrooms, galleries & a shop. I see it as place for someone to come to get many different art needs. I will forever see myself as an artrepreneur (full time, self owned creative in the art field) – that includes painting, design, creating and helping others with their artistic ideas. I don’t see myself as a designer and artist separately. People hear “artist” and automatically think painter. addie4

There is so much more to an artist than just painting. Artist includes a variety of creative careers including music, writing, poetry and more. One big piece of advice I give to any creative is that its not an easy path, its a journey that takes so much internal love and energy but it’s well worth it. When choosing an artistic/creative career you are saying that the internal you has a passion for it, because it’s not all about the money, its about doing something you love. My focus for next year will be getting together a group of artist/creatives for Art & Ambition. I want people to be able to come to me about photography and me be able to go to my list of partners of Art & Ambition and refer them to an amazing photographer. It’s not only me just gaining but helping others around me grow also.





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Interview: Americas hottest style blogger & influencer ‘No Country For Old Trends’

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American beauty Jaleesa Johnson, creator of style and lifestyle blog ‘No Country For Old Trends’ She is also a newbie Youtuber discussing topics and tips in fashion, beauty, DIY and everything she is passionate about. NC4OT is her documented journey to break away from the norms she witnesses within the current fashion community, as well as a platform to encourage others to embrace their individuality.


1. How did you come up with the name ‘nocountryforoldtrends’ ?

I came up with my blog name, No Country For Old Trends, with the help of my boyfriend aka “manager” *laughs*. I usually run all of my ideas by him and when discussing blog names, he immediately started brainstorming movie titles. Following suit, I chose “No Country For Old Men” and substituted “men” for a fashion-related word, “trends”. It’s perfect because my blog is a space where originality is front-n-center, and “basic”/unoriginal trends are outlawed. I’m not interested in stifling my individuality by conforming to what’s popular now/or what’s trending.


2. Your style is very colourful and bold, where do you grab fashion inspo for blog posts?

I wish I had a clear answer for this question! My fashion inspiration comes from everywhere! The world is such a colorful place and I like my outfits, backgrounds, and IG feed to reflect that. Surfing online, I’d say Instagram and Pinterest are great at exposing different ideas and styles, and that usually inspires me to create more content.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

3. When did you decide you wanted to start documenting your fashion taste and beauty hacks online?

For years now, I’ve been interested in documenting my fashion taste and beauty hacks, but never set my plan into motion. I was unsure of how I would be received, feared “failing” at it, worried about what other people would think, etc. One day, I just pushed all those negative thoughts aside and made the decision to jump in. I was going through a difficult time in my life, deciding where my life was headed, and figured a hobby may bring some peace of mind. I’d say if you’ve been toying around with the idea of creating content/blogging, get out of your head and just do it! Blogging has become one of my greatest passions now!


4. I’m so in love with the pink pixie hair that you featured. Do you usually have long or short hair or do you just like to experiment with whichever ?

Thank you! I like to consider my hair an accessory! I love experimenting with different hairstyles, lengths, and textures, but I’m not interested in making any drastic changes to my own natural hair! My synthetic babies [wigs] are exactly what my self-diagnosed, ADD personality needs. As soon as I crave a different persona, there’s a cheap synthetic wig that’ll last a few weeks up until a month or two to rescue me from my style rut, to make me a new person. My pink pixie wig, in particular, I call my “DanceHall Queen” wig; I’m a party animal when she’s on *laugh*.


5. You are also a newbie YouTuber, what can we expect next on you channel?

I’m definitely still getting used to this YouTube life, but I hope that my channel gives my readers/followers a closer look into my personality and lifestyle. I want to include more hair and makeup tutorials, cheap & affordable hauls, vlogs, DIY’s, just so many of my interests.

6. I can see on your blog you like to do a lot of DIY to your outfits and accessories, do you see yourself venturing out into the creative industry I.e designing in the near future?

Before I started No Country For Old Trends, I did have a brief designing career in college. I had started my own online retail business, where I designed original Alpha Kappa Alpha-inspired products for members of my sorority. I noticed a lot of our sorority paraphernalia – shirts, jewelry, accessories – were very outdated, and I wanted to give my fellow sisters something more cool, up to date, and affordable. I enjoyed designing then and I still do now, so, I can see myself venturing back into that creative industry in the future! “Near future”? I’m not sure! Never say never.


7. What two words would you use to describe your blog including your style?

That’s a good one! I think you’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head with “colorful and bold”. I love incorporating funky, and colorful elements into my content and style. Whether it’s purple hair, blue lipstick, or a rubix cube purse, I love for my outfits to include a bold and funky element in one way. If I’m not colorful and bold, I’m not happy.

8. I really enjoy your hair posts, do you plan to do more hair tutorials on YT?

Thank you! I’m happy you like them! I’ve noticed I’m getting more attention for my hairstyles and the fact that I switch my hair up like clockwork *laugh*. It’s definitely encouraged me to get to work on more hair tutorials! I’ll definitely make more YouTube videos, specifically for hair inspiration!


9. Name two of your style icons where do draw the most inspiration from.

I draw most of my style inspiration from the usual celebrity style icons, Solange and Rihanna especially. I’m sure most people can relate. I love Solange’s mix of prints, patterns, and funky shapes. And I love Rihanna’s overall effortless, badass-ness. Solange and Rihanna are both so playful with their style and love taking risks. They inspire me to take risks too.




Follow her social media channels and stay up to date with Jaleesa’s fashion statements and samples over on

IG: NoCountryForOldTrends


Curls Unleashed Leave in Conditioner


Hay Beauts! I’m back at it again with another hair product review!

You guys know me and my hair reviews, I’ve had my hair natural for a few years, but only in the last couple of months that I’ve had my natural hair out for this long so I’ve been dipping and diving into different products to see what works with me and I’m defo finding things that compatible with my hair type/texture and also products that I know won’t work as well on my hair.



I was kindly gifted this lovely Curls Unleashed Leave in Conditioner and it is so so so lovely. I think the best that I’ve used. I know I say this with a lot of the products that I have tried, but this actually beats them all.

Firstly this leave in conditioner contains Shea Butter and Mango, so you can just imagine how glorious my hair feels and smells after use. I’ve been using this every day by the way, not because I need to everyday but because I use it by itself I don’t really use an oil on top or any other moisturiser unless I’m deep conditioning my hair.

I am also crazy in love with the curl pattern and texture change of my hair, even friends have noticed and have asked me if I have texturised my hair. My hair feels super soft and hydrated – this is definitely something that I have needed for a whileeeee. Highly highly highly recommended lol.


Have a great Monday beauts!




Amie Skincare Review



Happy Monday lovelies! It’s been the longesttt time since I last blogged I know! It’s been a very busy month I tell ya! I’m currently in the process of taking my blog and youtube channel into a new direction so a lot of planning and ideas have been going into that. Hope you are all well and enjoy this first post of the month which you can see is a skincare post!

I was first introduced to this brand at an event and started using it straight away. Sometimes I am a bit skeptical of using facial products that I haven’t heard of, only because I have such sensitive skin and have had my fair share of dramas of breakout and spots due to certain products. But after doing my research and speaking to the consultants I decided that I would try them out and below is what I think of the brand.


  • Gently Cleansing Micellar water

I really really like this cleanser because it literally takes away everything on your face in a matter of seconds. It’s very gentle and soft on the skin and doesn’t leave that stinging feeling that some cleansers leave. It mostly contains water which is why my feels very fresh after it’s been used. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a new cleanser.




  • Deep Pore Exfoliating Polish

I’ve been using this exfoliator once a week for around two months now and I just love how soft and polished my face feels straight after use. It contains mango and orange blossom extracts – very organic and natural. This is also very good if you have very oily skin like myself as it is free from mineral oils and sulphates. It is catered to refresh oily/conbination skin which is perfect for someone like myself.



  • Matte Finish Moisturiser

At first when I started using this moisturiser I was a fan but as time went past I started to notice that my face would feel as if there was hardly anything on it. I know its catered to mattify the face, but my face literally felt as though I needed to apply another layer of moisture on it. Therefore this product was a no for me so I’ve gone back to my Aloe vera face moisturiser from The Body Shop, but this could probably work for someone who is oily all over the face, whereas I am more combination, I get oily mostly on my T Zone.



  • Purifying Facial Wash

I’m deffo a fan of this face wash, it’s a shame it has almost finished. I am inbetween this face wash and my tea tree wash which I’ve been using since I was younger. It is infused with Mayblossom and Elderflower – very fresh and natural ingredients which help to prevent blemishes and control oliness, whereas the orange blossom and rasberry keeps the skin healthy and refreshed and prevents any dryness.



All in all Amie is a lovely skincare brand which have done great works for my skin, and have helped to prevent blemishes and keep my face refreshed which I believe is from the natural ingredients of the products.

To learn more about the brand follow them on the following accounts.

Twitter: @Amie_Skincare

IG: @Amie_natural_Skincare

Have a blessed week all



Shea Moisture Curl and Style Mix/Extra Moisture detangler


Shea Moisture also kindly gifted us with some great products that I am forever grateful for. I’m in love with the Curl and Style Mix so below are my thoughts on the products and Shea Moisture as a whole.



  • Curl and Style Mix


This is something I’ve been searching for a while to be honest. I have such an itchy scalp and thought that I probably needed to stock up on oils etc, but after doing some research it’s just more moisture (water) which I need to put more into my hair. After using this Curl and Mix a few times I’ve seen such a huge difference in how hydrated my hair feels and looks. My scalp is hardly itchy anymore, so if you have the same issue I would recommend this as it’s high in hydration and is infused with Coconut and Hibiscus which controls frizz and has added great volume. Literally love this product, need to stock up very shortly.


  • Extra Moisture Detangler


I’ve used this detangler a few times and it has been okay towards my hair, I haven’t noticed any amazing changes to my hair as of yet, think I ned to use this a few more times to get a real feel of it. Although my hair doesn’t get too tangled as I try to deep condition my hair as much as I can, but I will do an update on this detangler in a couple of weeks.


Shea Moisture launched in the UK last year,  I unfortunately couldn’t attend their press launch party which I  heard was a huge success. I really do feel that Naturals really needed this boost in the hair community and hair shops as most products are dedicated to us in more hair shops now as oppose to a year ago so really glad that there are plenty options for us now which is making more brownings turn natural.


Let me know what products of Shea Moisture you are loving at the moment. I also used a few of their other products a few months so if you need some more ideas of other natural products to try check’em out.



Mixed Roots Hair Review


Just as my previous hair products from ORS, mixed roots was also a sponsor for the amazing bloggers sleepover on the 8th April. They also kindly gifted us with a few products to try out and review on.

  • Deep Moisture Conditioner

For a while I’ve been looking for a good Deep Conditioner. I was using a Tresseme one for some time which was fine, but then it kind of stopped working in my hair and made my hair dry out after some time.

What I liked about this deep conditioner was the richness of the moisture, when it comes to conditioners and moisturisers my hair acts well to thick moisture as oppose to really light leave in sprays. (Although saying that, the only leave in spray that I have found to work in my hair is the Crème of Nature leave in conditioner) It has a really fresh smell, sort of reminds me of infused cucumber and almond in one. It leaves my hair very very soft and I don’t think I’ve felt my hair so tangle free before. Definitely trying to use this deep conditioner once a week or at least every two weeks.



  • Curl Control – Leave in Lotion

I really enjoyed using this lotion daily, as it defines my Kinky curls and doesn’t frizz out my hair like some other products I have tried. It has a nice milky feel and works really well when used on wet/damp hair just as well as dried hair. It has an amazing Vanilla smell. You guys all know I’m very hot on smell so before I used it I smelt it about 100 times. It honestly smells good enough to eat lol. Vanilla and Almond is really my thing infused together.


Let me know if you have tried Mixed Roots and what your thoughts were. As well as other any other products for naturalistas you have tried


Happy Wednesday Beauts



The World Of Weave: Fake V.S Real


With the hair industry spinning on it’s top, its no wonder hair bloggers and vloggers are desperate to show off their recent hot hairstyles of the day. Whether weaved or a wig, we want to know and fast!

It seems that almost everyone has their own hair business, and is keen to showing that their company is worth the money and quality. With instagram accounts of BOTH men and woman getting their coins from gaining our attention to finding the best quality hair for the best value for money.

I speak to hair expert Leonia, who is the CEO and founder of FWOC, (For woman of colour) which is a London based organisation that aims to educate and empower women of colour in the UK. She will be teaching us how to spot real and fake weave when buying from our trusted vendors, as well as top tips for caring for real human hair weaves.

When you are searching for the perfect weave, most people may look at the silkiness or whether the hair is light and soft in texture when you stroke your fingers through which is all important, however Leonia explains that colour plays a big factor! Virgin hair (Virgin meaning nothing has been done to the hair chemically, and it has never been used before) is never jet black, it will usually be in a natural shade of blonde or brown for one specific donor with a particular hair colour.


SMELL! Virgin hair has a distinct smell, if the hair smells like plastic or slightly perfumed then it is more than likely that the hair has been chemically treated.


SPLIT ENDS! The more the better. They may not look nice but only real human hair get split ends.


People speak about quality all the time, but if you are a newbie in the hair industry it can be quite tricky to identify good quality over not so good quality, which is why the construction of the wefts is very very important. Poor construction = excessive shedding.

When looking for the best place to purchase good ‘real’ hair, never just go to the first company you see. RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH because virgin hair is not cheap which is why it is an investment so invest wisely.


Leonia’s top tips for taking care of human hair weaves:

1.Co washing the hair is extremely important, Co washing for those that don’t know is simply washing the hair with conditioner. Co washing keeps the hair healthy and semi clean, where as a shampoo wash keeps it clean only, and when used too often it takes away the nutrients and moisture of the hair. Which is why it is recommended to co wash the hair frequently and shampoo the hair once a month.

2.Trim split ends! ALWAYS trim your ends. Especially if you colour the hair, it’ll make it easier to brush through and reduce shedding.

3. Air dry! Blow drying the hair is convenient, but can leave the hair a little dry. Where possible, air dry the hair before styling especially with curly hair.


I hope Leonia’s useful tips helped you as much as it helped me in searching for the perfect weave of good quality. For any questions message her on twitter @StaceyLeeBanks


Leonia’s top trend tip: P.S The Bob is back! Just in time for Spring/Summer. Short – mid length is the thing this season, with maybe a subtle ombre if you are brave enough.

ORS Special Delivery


On Friday 8th April, myself and 8 other bloggers attended a bloggers sleepover event in a beautiful apartment in Earls Court, hosted by natural hair blogger/youtuber UK Afrolista (Racheal Sealy) For those of you that don’t know exactly who she is, check my previous blog posts as I conducted an interview with her about her journey as a natural hair blogger.

ORS gave us all lovely products to review which I’ve been so excited to use and talk about. I’m going to be honest with you, at the moment I have only been using the shampoo, repair oil and anti breakage edge control, as I haven’t had the time to review every product as of yet, but check out my blog in a few weeks time and my review on the remaining products will be up.

So let’s get started.

Anti Breakage Edge Control Hair Gel 

Now when I started using the edge wax, which was reviewed in a previous post. I didn’t actually think anything would be able to top that really and truly. BUT I really really really like this gel! Not only does it smell so beautiful, it literally slicks my hair down looking as if I’ve relaxed my hair when I haven’t done for over three years. I do the same method I do with the gel wax. I run water quickly over my brush and then put the gel into my hair. It smooths out my curls and really defines the curls out individually. This is my new best friend so I’m very happy with this gel and would highly recommend it.


  • Anti Breakage Fortifying Shampoo

Now I don’t wash my hair too too often, on a good month, I will probably wash my hair once every two/three weeks as I co wash my hair and deep condition on most weeks. This shampoo literally leaves my hair the softest I’ve ever felt it. We all know that washing your hair with shampoo too often isn’t good for your hair, however this contains Omega3 which is good if you’re anything like me and you don’t get enough nutrients from food as you should. It replaces foods like Fish which is rich in Omega 3 and also contains coconut which is a scent that can capture anybody. I’ve used this shampoo twice so far and I’m liking the way it gives my hair moisture and volume.


  • Olive Oil Repair

When it comes to oils I’m always a little funny as I mentioned in my previous hair review. I have used things like Jamaican Castor Oil which did nothing but leave my hair so greasy and felt heavy on my hair. I like this oil because the texture is light, and a little actually  goes a long way. I normally use this over my moisturiser to seal in the moisture and it leaves my hair strengthened all the day long.


As I mentioned earlier, the remaining three products will be reviewed in a later blog post, so let me know if you have tried any of the products that I have mentioned in this post and what were your thoughts?


Happy May & Happy Sunday Beauts!



I N T E R V I E W: Natural Hair Blogger & Youtuber UK Afrolista a.k.a Rachael Sealy

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Opinionated, Driven and independent. Rachael has made a brand out of her passion for women empowerment and celebrating black culture. She has been recognised by press publications such as Pride Magazine, Essence, Black Hair Magazine and others as a person of influence for the women of colour, and as an individual is a male dominating world.


I caught up with Rachael who is one of my favourite Youtubers and bloggers as she doesn’t only talk about fashion, hair, beauty and all that good stuff, but I enjoying looking at her Instagram feed which is always full of positivity and food for thought.


Your platform (Blog and Youtube channel) is a place where you celebrate Natural Afro hair and black culture – When did you decide that you wanted your brand to be catered to this rather than a regular fashion and beauty blog?
When I saw that black women like myself were not being celebrated in mainstream beauty. Representation matters because it helps to inspire and encourage, so when there is none you have to create your own.



You’ve been featured in publications such as Pride Magazine and Black hair Magazine. What is the message you aim to put out when you have features and interviews with the press.
I do not have a specific message in mind. I am grateful and thankful to be featured in these magazines that help to inspire others.


You’ve worked and collaborated with a number of brands such as Loreal, Palmers, Kerecare, Sheamoisture and many more. What was your favourite collaboration?
I don’t have a favourite brand collaboration as each one has been fun to work with and create great content. I love working with brands who understand my brand’s ethos and why I do what I do. If a brand is only interested in capitalising from my audience instead of helping to create brand awareness and encourage, then I’m not interested in working with them.


It’s no doubt that the natural hair community is growing larger and individuals have decided to go back to their roots. Why do you think this is?
Everyone has their individual reasons, but I think a lot of women have decided to become healthier and learn more about their hair texture which they may have never seen before.



 You are the co-founder of women empowerment tour iDefine me, tell me a bit more about what that is.
The I Define Me Tour was created by US blogger, Kala Garner, The KG Lifestyle and myself. Our concept to help women of colour connect to their inner beauty. We aim to empower women at our events via interactive activities and panel discussions. Our events are a safe space for women to share, learn and grow.



You’ve been a Women of empowerment host in a variety of locations such as New York, Washington DC and Dallas. What is the next event that we can expect you hosting at?
We have a lot of great events planned, can’t reveal too much. We have recently launched our subdivision, I Define Me Girls, which is aimed at young women 18 and under. We have so many great events coming up, so stay tuned!


Lastly, you’ve used many hair products, but what products and brands are your complete go to?
I have a lot of favourites, its so hard to choose! I really love products by Sheamoisture and Curls.


To stay up to date with where you can catch Rachael hosting the next women empowerment event or to just stay up to date with her great work, follow her on all social media accounts @UKAFROLISTA


Mazuri Original Olive Oil Hair Review

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Morning Beauts! Hope you all had a lovely Easter break. As you can tell by the title of this blog post, this is going to be a hair product review. Since transitioning to Natural hair, I’ve been experimenting with products and hairstyles which has been very fun. What I’ve learnt more than anything about my hair is that it is indeed very versatile, just a little patience is needed.



Now I was sent part the Mazuri collection range by Marketing manager of Pak Cosmetics Caribe, amazing woman! I received the Leave in Conditioner, Edge wax and the olive oil hair serum. Caribes aim was to send me products that are already in my normal hair schedule. So for example she knows that I already use a leave in conditioner daily and then I seal that with an oil, then lastly I like to slick my edges before tieing up my hair. She didn’t want to introduce a complete new system that may require more work than usual to start off with.


  1. Mazuri Olive Oil Leave in Conditioner

When I first opened the packaging and smelt the product, I was instantly drawn. I’m a big smeller. Whether it’s food, creams, soaps – if it doesn’t smell right then you can count me out. This conditioner is very fresh and reminded me a little of fresh green apples. I’ve been using this everyday for around a week now and my hair instantly feels silky and tangle free. Using this with the edge wax I’ve found gives my hair extra radiance and holds my hair in place.


  1. Mazuri Original Olive Oil hair serum

This serum I’ve found is really great at locking in moisture and keeping the hair fresh and silky without looking greasy. At first I assumed this product wouldn’t work as well on my hair as oppose to if my hair was relaxed, but that is completely not the case. The serum has a lovely light texture and has done a great job at keeping my curls in place. It has helped to control any frizz and I usually smooth it over the edge wax once my hair has been slicked, or I’ll seal it over the leave in conditioner. I’ve found it very hard to find oils that don’t have such a heavy feel to them and can actually keep your hair hydrated at the same time. It’s blended with Olive and coconut oil so you can just imagine how exotic this smells.



  1. Edge Wax

Now whenever I think of hair gels, hair wax or anything implied for the edges of the hair, I honestly just get the yawn factor. If you know me you will know I have tried many products that have promised to keep your edges in place and on fleek WITHOUT leaving your hair annoying flakey. I honestly need to stock up on this edge wax because I’m halfway through using it just in the space of a week. That’s how great this wax has been to me. I told Caribe that I have trouble keeping my hair slicked, I just thought my hair is probably too tough to be slicked into place but she recommended that I use this Edge Wax with water to keep my hair anti frizz. So that’s what I’ve been doing, I wet my brush and brush my hair down before I tie it up. Sometimes I will do this the night before so that in the morning I can just up and go especially if I have an early start. Highly recommended ladies, especially if your hair is very coarse like mine.




Hope you enjoyed this review, leave a comment and let me know your fav hair products and new stuff that you are trying.

Also follow Caribe on instagram

@Sea_Breese – her personal account

@PakCosmetics – Business account