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This week I am featuring US based Artist, who has a passion of expression through illustrations and designs.

Addie refers to herself as a modern inspirational artist, after studying creative advertising at Virginia Commonwealth university and 4 years networking , selling and designing incredible pieces, she then went on to launch her blog where she shares the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur, artrepreneur and balancing everyday life. As well as where she sees her creative outlet in the near and far future.

I’ve been an artist since I was a young girl. I started drawing and painting in elementary school. I found my passion for letting my art be a voice for the black community until college. I remember going to galleries and seeing painting or illustrations jump out of me and the only thing I couldn’t relate to was that the person was not of colour. All my work is a reflection of myself, either something I actually went through, seen or believe in. When people meet me or know me on a personal level they also see the connection to my reality with my artwork.addie featured pic

I’m inspired by myself in a way, telling my story and letting people into my life through my art. My degree is definitely the foundation of being an artrepreneur. In school I learned a lot about what is visually appealing, how to transfer a message through imagery and how it can be repurposed for other things. If it wasn’t for my studies at Virginia Commonwealth University I don’t think I would have the knowledge, strength and vision to be more than just a visual artist. I do have plans to one day have a physical location for Art & Ambition.addie5

Art & Ambition is my creative agency. My vision is to have Art & Ambition as a multiple use location including art studios, classrooms, galleries & a shop. I see it as place for someone to come to get many different art needs. I will forever see myself as an artrepreneur (full time, self owned creative in the art field) – that includes painting, design, creating and helping others with their artistic ideas. I don’t see myself as a designer and artist separately. People hear “artist” and automatically think painter. addie4

There is so much more to an artist than just painting. Artist includes a variety of creative careers including music, writing, poetry and more. One big piece of advice I give to any creative is that its not an easy path, its a journey that takes so much internal love and energy but it’s well worth it. When choosing an artistic/creative career you are saying that the internal you has a passion for it, because it’s not all about the money, its about doing something you love. My focus for next year will be getting together a group of artist/creatives for Art & Ambition. I want people to be able to come to me about photography and me be able to go to my list of partners of Art & Ambition and refer them to an amazing photographer. It’s not only me just gaining but helping others around me grow also.





Follow Addie on instagram for more amazing pieces on @Addierawrrr


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